A childhood recap

So officially I’m an adult, even though I feel more or less a teen still. I hate to think about the fact that I’m gonna have a long life of adulthood in front of me and my “eventful” childhood has ended.

Even though we all want to stand on our own feet and be responsible for our actions and consequences, there won’t be a day we won’t think “Oh! If only I could go back to my childhood where I could live stress free and some one would provide everything for me.” We already feel that don’t we?

My childhood was actually eventful. I can’t say without lying that my childhood was all about happiness and everything. Maybe I was one of the unfortunate kids who had to go through a lot of ups and downs from the age of 9 itself. When I say eventful it’s a mix of happiness, sadness, tragedy and comedy. I shifted from one state to another resulting in the loss of my next door neighbour – aka – best friend, the loss of my bestest friends in St. Lawrence about whom I have no idea. I partially lost my first love but was fortunate enough to get to her soon enough. I was introduced to a new school with strange faces and people who didn’t want to be friends with a guy who didn’t know Malayalam properly and was a studious kid. Then I met a person who would be my best friend for 6 long years after a year in the new school. Then I slowly became accustomed and suddenly teenage hits, I get too high on adrenaline (which I still am). Broke up with my first love. Marks started dropping like the economy of Wall Street Crash, got labelled as “rebellious”, had a crush on a girl, got rejected, had a girl who had a crush on me, rejected her, moved on.

Then next year marks started dropping like anything, got labelled as “irresponsible”, gained new friends. Next year I again became the studious kid I was in my 5th grade, got excellent grades, made expectations for teachers, then broke their expectations cause I didn’t get 5 A1’s, got labelled as a “cheat” cause I got 4 A2’s and an A1.

I made the biggest mistake by taking Science. Then laziness crept in. I started sitting in the second last bench, cracking jokes in between classes. Got labelled as “irresponsible” again. Had amazing moments with friends. Fell in love. Then final annual day of school life happened. Final exams came, School tour occured, had so much fun in the hotel room playing dodge ball till midnight, slapping my friend awake at 3 in the morning, failed in them, joined 12th a week late and the year passed by within the blink of an eye even though we had I my moments. Farewell was conducted – best one ever. Final exams came – did wonderfully and the chapter or phase of my life called Childhood ended.

Life is all a game of mystery which makes it more interesting to play not knowing what move Life may have in store for us. In my opinion that is what makes Life worth living for. The uncertainty of death or the uncertainty of Life keeps us going.

Thank you Childhood for giving me lovely memories. I bid adieu to you….


Me, my friends and a trip down Memory Lane

If you are reading this, you are one of the special people in my life who are worthy enough to read this.

I clearly remember the jubilation with which I left the examination hall. We (me and my friends) thought that this was freedom… We thought how about we can laze around at home without going to school anymore… Without any stress of submitting records tomorrow… Without seeing the same ol’ benches and the same blackboard…

But it was later that I realized that school had become such an integral part of my life. I can’t imagine the month of June without having to go to school amidst heavy rains.

But then, the school never really mattered, the people or my friends mattered. That’s the motivation I got for going to school. Because after some time, when I look back, I won’t remember how volumetric analysis really mattered. But I would clearly remember the expressions on my face and my friends’ face when we got the question paper. In a few years I probably won’t remember how my exams went, but I’ll clearly remember the walks from the exam centre to the bus stop. I may not remember how many times I was punished by the teachers, but I’ll always remember the way we would laugh about it when I took another one of us when I went down. Cause it was our motto: if I get caught, I’ll bring you down too. I won’t remember the discussions we had after exams but I’ll remember the time we used to sneak and have food or play pen fight. Because in the end, when you are about to die, waiting for the darkness to engulf you, the big things never matter. The marks we got or the no. of full A1’s won’t matter, as someone said you won’t take with you the marks you got when you die. When you die, the group is deprived of another member who had memories of them, who used to remember all little things about them. When you die, the memories you had are gone. Gone forever…

As a guy whose school life is overz I feel sad just by thinking that I can’t wear my school uniform, sit on the same second last bench and crack lame jokes with my friends in between classes, again. But I’m very happy to say that YOU guys gave me the best school life I’ve had in the past 2 years. You’ve given me so many memories to live by for a 100 years… If there was anything I wished, it would be to relive them again. You guys are the best partners and friends I will ever have. You guys are my brothers. More family than friends…

I will never ever forget you guys. I assure you that those words were not false. It is as true as the Sun is. You guys may or may not forget me but I shall never forget you. I am for what you are.

I am sorry that I could not thank you personally for whatever you have done for me. And there are no words I can use to thank you all too. But just remember this always:


Dedicated to Rishabh, Gopal, Shankar, Arjun and one more person…

As Twelve Months Close

I count my walks through herbs and shells

Never knowing how old bones can be fleshed

From a heart bound on scrolls of endings

And here I am among rows of an orchard.


Feels like dust sanded by twelve months

Of famine and feast, somehow the maple boughs

Wither from the laundry of evenings regret.


Often times like the gypsy rose

I climb into the lattice of my family tree

Smelling its tar and citrus that knit arms

Glossed by twilight’s love,


Closing a fence as another year shuts off

I am between silences and scream…..

Ears aching with the music

Of an anonymous breeze sheltering


A collected beauty of tragedy and comedy

Of drama, trials pinned by veiled nights

When kinship endures the flood of weather’s hands


It is so, I mean, the certainty of taming

The last ride before new seeds from a new year

Twirl upon the unborn fruits…

I disrobe the old bones to greet the unknown.


Pranav V. Nambi


Unidentified Flying Objects

One evening, as I was stargazing which I often do, I saw an object flying past the Evening Star. I thought of it as the ISS (International Space Station) but then realization hit me that ISS doesn’t orbit so slow, in fact it zooms past before we even take a look at it. As I was looking at it, it stopped somewhere near the North – Western direction. And I could see that lights were rotating from the underside of the object. Then, it became clear to me that it was not the Space Station, because the Space Station doesn’t stop orbiting even for a second. So I understood that it was some pretty complicated matter and I went inside, almost bursting with anxiety. And when I searched the Internet, I could see that, there have been sightings of such UFO’s last year around October.

Just after two days came Prof. Stephen Hawking’s warning about our tries to establish contact with extra – terrestrial life or as we commonly say Alien life. He had warned human beings that trying to contact them would prove disastrous to the very existence of human race and culture. So, what I saw that evening was truly a UFO. It became clear that extra – terrestrial life exists.

I have a possible theory on how we came to live on Earth after the dinosaurs. It was due to a meteorite hitting Earth that all dinosaur species met their extinction. What if we were the alien life that came with the meteorite? What if the meteorite wasn’t a meteorite at all? What if WE killed the dinosaurs? So it may be a signal that the time for us to live on Earth has finished and the new era is beginning. Maybe, we will also die like the dinosaurs died and again another life will exist on Earth….



Strange Sightings above Kochi

There have been a few sightings of strange flying object in the sky for the past one day. Even this evening at 7:50 I sighted an object the size of a rectangle with lights rotating on either sides of it hovering above probably the atmosphere or the sky. It was not the ISS (International Space Station) because, the ISS moves so fast in a blink of an eye. But this object moved so slowly as if examining the surface. I doubt whether it is the ISS or a satellite. I think this genuinely is a UFO.